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Physicians Medical Review

Physicians Medical Review — Expert Medical Record Reviews, Referral of Expert Witnesses, Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, and Other Medical Litigation Services

Physicians Medical Review is a leader in all aspects and phases of medical litigation and allocation services. PMR’s board-certified in-house physicians review medical records for medical malpractice and personal injury cases as well as other types of litigation.  PMR’s board-certified in-house physicians obtain and refer expert physician witnesses for deposition, mediation, and trials in medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, and nursing home negligence cases. PMR also develops Medicare set-aside allocations, life care plans, medical cost projections, and provides other allocation services for their attorney clients and the insurance industry. Physicians Medical Review is managed unlike other firms in our field. Through inquiry, research, and creative professionalism, PMR unites physicians, clinical academicians, and our attorney clients.

Medical Litigation Services

Medical Litigation Services

Physicians Medical Review provides thorough reviews of all medical circumstances surrounding a case. PMR quickly and efficiently determines a case’s merit and, if the case is found to have merit, PMR prepares chronologic narrative reports with medical summaries and opinions regarding liability and damages. If expert witnesses are needed, PMR attorney-clients are directly referred to independent, unbiased physicians to evaluate the case and, if required, sign affidavits, be deposed, and testify in court.

Allocation Services

Allocation Services

Physicians Medical Review is your complete medical allocation support organization. We provide exceptional service to the workers’ compensation and liability industries. PMR’s allocation services include the development of Medicare set-aside allocations, life care plans, medical cost projections, as well as peer reviews and pharmacological reviews.

If you are in need of medical litigation or allocations services from an industry leader, contact Physicians Medical Review.

David Gold, Attorney At Law
"In claims that PMR's in-house physicians found to be meritorious, their assistance has been invaluable... They have found extremely highly qualified medical experts to support our cases..."

Robert Boyers, Attorney at Law
"I got what I thought was the best testimony, during trial, that I had ever seen..."